Haunting, melodic and complex; Safe As Houses is a five-piece alternative-folk outfit from Kitchener, ON.

At the forefront of breathing new life into the folk world, Kitchener-based alternative-folk band, Safe As Houses, delivers ten mesmerizing new tracks with their third full length album titled Lucky Lucky. Reminiscent of the fabled Greek Sirens, this soul-stirring ensemble lures you in with their beautifully haunting five-part harmonies, taking you on a poetic journey through the beauty and decay of the world as seen through their eyes. With their deeply reflective lyrics intimately coupled with a myriad of string instruments and rhythmic drumming, Safe As Houses walks the narrow path between being stylishly timeless and remarkably relevant.

As individuals, each member of this accomplished quintet mastered their respective instruments and vocal chops at a young age. It wasn’t until years later in the summer of 2009 that opportunity would bring Elliot Anton (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin) together with Andrew Laughton (guitar, keys, vocals) and Bensen Carter (cello, bass, vocals). Together, along with Andrew’s brother, Thomas Laughton (drums, vocals), they created the band’s monumental foundation, building on each other’s musical prowess and ever-reaching ambition to perfect their alt-folk sound, eventually rounding out their range, depth and perspective with the addition of their fifth member, Lauren Taylor (violin, violas, vocals) in 2014.

Upon witnessing their steadfast devotion to writing and arranging music come together during their very first show, Safe As Houses knew they were onto something special. Since their inaugural performance, they’ve graced the stages of many venues and festivals across the nation. Audiences and critics alike have celebrated their undeniable musical aptitude, praising their tight performances and likening them to legendary artists – BAM Productions wrote “Their music follows in the footsteps of Mumford & Sons with orchestral arrangements and big builds… will leave you with goosebumps.”

As accolades and professional feats continue to surge, it’s clear they’ve hit their stride and continue to ride it to new heights. Safe As Houses is currently on tour promoting their newest album, Lucky Lucky.

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Lucky Lucky

May 11, 2018

Hurricane (EP)

AugUST 15, 2016

The Fall of a Sparrow

December 5, 2014

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